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Malmsten Optisk Goggles - Lens

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Prescription swim goggles are an excellent solution for people who need corrective lenses while swimming. These goggles come with customizable optical lenses that can be tailored to suit individual needs. They are ideal for swimmers who are nearsighted and unable to see clearly at a distance outside of the pool. The optical lens-assemble kit, which includes nose bridges, head strap, and clip, is sold separately, allowing swimmers to assemble their own custom swim goggles with different strengths per eye. These popular optical corrective lenses are designed to help people with vision problems enjoy swimming without having to worry about blurry vision or other issues. With prescription swim goggles, you can swim with confidence and clarity, knowing that your vision is not a hindrance to your performance.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Malmsten Optical Lens


  • Designed for nearsighted swimmers who have difficulty seeing clearly at a distance outside of the pool
  • Customizable optical lenses that can be tailored to suit individual needs with different strengths per eye.

Additional Information:

  • Buy a full set (2 lens and 1 assemble set) to get a 10% off; discount automatically applied upon checkout
  • Optical lens assemble kit is sold separately for customisation.
  • Contact if you require any clarification.


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