Silicone Web Glove
Silicone Web Glove
Silicone Web Glove
Silicone Web Glove
Silicone Web Glove
Silicone Web Glove
Silicone Web Glove

Silicone Web Glove

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High quality web glove to provide optimal training for both beginner and advance swimmers. Increased resistance allow beginners to grasp the water "feel" easier and also provide effective training for advance swimmer build strength.

Package includes:

  • 2x Silicone Web Glove


  • Each set consist of 2 web gloves.
  • Made with high quality silicone.
  • Provides webbed fingers to provide maximum efficiency to user during swim.
  • Provides full flexibility  of hand and increase hold on slippery surfaces.
  • Increase resistance to allow better "feel" in the water for beginners.
  • Minimlist design for extra portability and lightweight.
  • Handy training equipment without full hand enclosure and extra weight of the gloves.
  • Suitable for children and adults of all ages.

Additional Information:

  • Suitable of competitive swimming, surfing, water polo, triathlon training, open water swim, water aerobics, hydrotherapy and rehabilitation etc.
  • Small: Length - 15cm, Width - 4cm, External Diameter - 21cm
  • Medium: Length - 17cm, Width - 5.5cm, External Diameter - 24cm
  • Large: Length - 19cm, Width - 6.5cm, External Diameter - 28cm

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