More Reasons for you to be Protected

In case you are not aware yet, our Silicone Face Mask is KN95 grade! We cannot reiterate enough, N95 grade masks are still the most effective against Covid-19.


With the rise of Covid-19 cases in Singapore and the threat from the new variant, let's do our part to keep each other safe. 

From 25 February until further notice, we are giving you more reasons to stay safe and protected.


1) Free additional 10 piece filter for every mask purchase

Complimentary 10 piece filter refill for every mask purchased.


2) 3 Filter Packs for the price of 2

Get additional Filter Refill Pack for every 2 Filter Packs purchased.


3) Complimentary Virus Spray for orders above $50 (For Singapore only)

Tested and shown effective against viruses including Covid-19. Get it free if you spend more than SGD50 in our store.


No promo code or action needed from you. The items will be added in free for you when we send your orders!

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