New In! Life Jacket (Personal Floatation Device)

February sure is a month full of surprises!

Moveman just launched another new product this week - Life Jacket.

Also known as a personal floatation device, specifically designed to keep you floating in the water when worn properly. It's no excuse the importance of wearing a life jacket when engaging in any outdoor water sports. Here, we'll cover on how to choose a life jacket that fits.

Try on and test the fit of your life jacket.

Your life jacket should fit comfortably snug. To quickly check the fit, fasten and secure all of the straps and raise your arms. Your vest should stay and not ride up. You can also have someone lift the jacket up at your shoulders; it should not go above your ears.

Another indicator of a bad fit, if you are able to put more than 3 finger widths in the gap between your shoulder and the shoulder area of the life jacket, the life jacket is too big! This is because the life jacket will not keep your head above the water.

Moveman had 2 sizes available to choose from - Small & Large, which comes with adjustable straps for easy adjustment.

Do drop us a message under Contact Us should you have any customization requests!

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