The First 11.11 Sale

We have turned 1 year old! Thank you for all your support during our first year. We may have made many mistakes along the way but we are sure we will make things better.

In order to show our heartfelt thanks to all of your support, we will be offering our products at 1 for 1!

Please enjoy your purchase on our store, discounts will be calculated automatically upon checkout.

Due to system limitation, the system will automatically choose will choose the lowest pricing items in your cart to be the free items. To enjoy our sale fully, please choose the items of similar pricing to checkout. If you wish to purchase items of different pricing, we would recommend you to checkout separately to reap the most discounts.

Below are the items on sale (1 for 1):

Black Silicon Mask

Usual Price: SGD$24.90

White Silicon Mask

Usual Price: SGD$2

Black Filter for Silicon Mask

Usual Price: SGD9.90


Blue Filter for Silicon Mask

Usual Price: SGD9.90

White Multi-purpose Bag

Usual Price: SGD7.00

Blue Multi-purpose Bag

Usual Price: SGD7.00

Microfibre Towel

Usual Price: SGD19.90

80 Litre Mesh Duffle Bag

Usual Price: SGD25.00

Quick Dry Mesh Pouch

Usual Price: SGD9.90


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