How do you know it's time to replace your mask filter?

First of all, we would like to thank all of you for choosing Moveman's silicone mask as your preferred mask.

Moveman's mask has a water resistance feature, making it suitable to use in wet environments. On top of that, the replaceable filters give a protection of N95 equivalent

Many of you have been asking us on the frequency of mask filter changes, hence we have decided to explain it through this post!

1. When it doesn't smell so good

The most straightforward way is the smell of your mask. If the mask has other smell that is not supposed to be there, it is probably a good time to change your filter. 

2. When there is visible stain

Another easy way is to inspect your mask every time you wear it. If it has some unknown stains or marks on it, you should probably change it too.

3. When the mask gets wet

Yes, although it is water resistant, it is not waterproof. The filter will be less effective once it gets wet. This is pretty obvious too. There will be watermark stains on the mask if it wet. If you are not sure how the watermark looks like, here it is:

4. When it gets harder to breathe

Of course, when it gets harder to breathe, it probably means there are more and more blockages on the filter which makes it hard to breathe. It will be a good time to change the filter.

5. Depends on your usage

If all the above doesn't happen, does it mean I do not have to change the filter? The generic guideline that we hear most of the time for N95 or equivalent mask is to change after 3 days of usage, but we do want you to take charge of your own mask, because you'll know exactly what your mask has gone through. If you are in a hospital setting, it is probably not a good idea to wear it for another day, especially during this pandemic. Of course, if you are just wearing for commuting purpose, you may probably wear more days. 


In conclusion, above are some ways to help you identify when it is time to change a new filter, but we cannot give a generic answer to all the situations. You might want to drop us an email ( and share with us your feedback, we might be able give you a better clarity from there. 

If not, as a general thumb of rule:

Change the filter whenever you need to. If you feel the filter has been compromised, change it. 

Stay safe, everyone.

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