Moveman V – Day Gift Ideas

Don't turn up empty - handed this V - day! Let us help you with some gifting ideas for your other sporty (or not) half!

1) Roka goggles

 Our wide range of colourful, eye catching Roka goggles sure to impress your other half! Read our post here on choosing the right fit of Roka goggles if fit is more of a concern:

2) Silicone Face Mask

Show your other half you care with our reusable face mask with replaceable filters. To sweeten it up, how about getting a matching pair?

3) Multi Purpose Pouch

 Another practical item for your other half to store their daily essentials. From storing masks & sanitizers, keys, stationery or any other items, it sure is a multi purpose pouch! Maybe, get a matching pair too?

So... what are you waiting for? Shower your love on your other halves!

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