Safe Opening, Safe Sports

COVID - 19 had surely changed the landscape of sports, from cancellation of sports events, adaptation of virtual and digital platforms to continue sports promotion, implementation of social distancing and restrictions in sports gatherings.

But one thing for sure, the resilience in sports industry is clearly demonstrated. The lockdowns had shown how important one's mindfulness and wellness is, through sports participation. If there's one thing that we are grateful for in Year 2020, it is definitely our health.

With the government announcement of nation opening, easing of sports restriction, nothing is stopping us from sports participation during these challenging times. In Moveman, we aim to promote safe sports opening, protecting yourself and the people around you.

1) Silicone Face Mask & Replaceable Filters

It's ergonomic design, designed to still allow yourself optimal comfort while carrying out your daily needs & replaceable filters. Nothing more we could say except this should be your essential item when heading out and about!

2) Virus Shield Disinfectant Spray

Firstly, it's compact design that allows you to carry it anywhere you go. Secondly, its features are non - toxic and non - irritable to skin, suitable for use on almost any surfaces & on skin. Need we say more?


Stay safe, while enjoying the movement of sports!

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