Safe Environment, Save Environment

The widespread of Covid-19 has caused a tremendous increase in demand for masks. Yes indeed, masking up did save many lives during the pandemic, but it also caused another problem.

An article on Straits Times on 9 Jan 2021 reported that 3 million masks are being disposed every minute!

Not only the conservationists and non-governmental organisations are worried, we at Moveman are worried too! 

Let's simplify things so that all of us can understand. 
Assuming we wear mask everyday for 8 hours for 2 month.

If we were to wear disposable mask, we would need to dispose the mask everyday as the mask is effective up to 8 hours. That would be 60 masks in a period of 2 months.

Photo from Straits Times
When placed side by side. 60 masks would cover about 1 sq m.
Image from Straits Times
Now, if we were to wear our Silicon Face Mask.
Moveman Slilcon Mask Filter
As our mask is N95 equivalent, the filter can be worn up to 3 days. When put together side by side, it will take about 144 masks to cover 1 sq m. That will take 14 months to get to that amount.
Silicon Mask Filter Stacked

To sum it up:

Mask Type Moveman Silicon Mask Disposable Surgical Mask
Duration of use 3 days 1 day
Size of Filter 120mm x 60mm 175mm x 95mm
Days to dispose 1 sq m of masks 432 days 60 days
Biodegradable Yes Yes
Depending on individual usage and preference, there are times where the advantages of one mask will outweigh the other. But as a general thumb of rule, it is always better to produce less waste products, so do take that into account when you are choosing your mask!
Mask up, stay safe!

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