Exactly How Big is Our Mesh Duffle Bag?

So... many of you asked, how big is big when it comes to our 80L mesh duffle bag?

And how much stuff can a 80L bag carry up to?

What kind of items & how much items can this bag hold?

So... we've taken liberty to test it out so you don't have to!

1) Swimming Gear

Many had shared this had been their go - to multi purpose bag and was able to store so much bulky items neatly, conveniently and fuss - free.

In here. we've tried and was able to generously fit up to 20 swimming kickboards! (Read here for our product guide on this Oasis kickboard: https://moveman.store/blogs/product-guide/new-in-oasis-kickboard)

You could see how the meshing allows you to look through the needed contents in the bag and with the lightweight material, it sure is a breeze to carry around!

2) Sports Equipment

Next, we've tried with another popular equipment - the basketball (inflated)! Here, easily fitting up to 12 basketballs! Perfect for coaches and catch up games with your friends, given the current limitations of up to 8pax in a group exercise setting.

To add on, just look at how easy it is to bring this bad boy around! Via hand carrying and even over your shoulders as a backpack!

Happy March!

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